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Henry Harrison Stone                                             The tunic Henry wore throughout his ordeal

1864 Pocket Diary of Henry Harrison Stone

Here, transcribed as best as possible, is the diary of Henry Harrison Stone while he was a prisoner at Andersonville Prison during the Civil War. The small black diary and the stub of the pencil he wrote it with were kept in the Trowbridge family until 1984 when they were donated to the curators at Andersonville prison.

A special thanks go to Eric Reinert, Museum Technician at Andersonville National Historic Site, for his time and effort digitizing the pages of the diary. Press the Inside Covericon if it appears in the text to view an actual image of the diary. (The images are personal and here for viewing only. If you would like a copy of the image, please send me email for authorization.)

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The following notes and entries have been transcribed from the diary. They were found in the cover pages and in the margins of the diary. They are transcribed here in no particular order.

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Mother, Lester, Auntie, Julia, Nellie, Muzz, Mr. Smith, Rufus C. Smith, Esq., Miss Confort Gore, Mrs. Jessie G. E. Hawkes, Mrs. Sarah Giggs, Miss Ellen E. Stone, S. R. Niles, Esq. and the name Macon, Georgia, Columbia, Piedmont, S.C., Charlotte, N.C. and in the margin of the first page - a prisoner of war at Andersonville, Georgia, Henry H. Stone.

Lincoln, Illinois, President - Johnson, Tennessee, Vice-President Hooker, Sickles, Barry, Humphries Prince, Carr and Mott, 2nd div., 3rd Corps.

In the margin - Henry H. Stone, Charlestown, Mass. Bottom of page - Mrs. Jessie E. Hawkes, Roxbury and Mrs. Emma Batchelder, Cambridge.

1st Brigade, 2nd Div. 3rd Corps, Army of the Potomac. September has come. Not got out.

Union forever "Hurra" God and Our country

The Right will Conquer.

Johnson, Bentley, Piper and Smith

Sept. 7 - A day to be remembered by all of us. Prisoners commenced to leave post haste.

No rations the 3rd of July, the 18th for punishment for beating a trustee who exposed the tunnel.

George D. Sayers, York, Pa. on the 28th of July received a compliment from the Rebs in the shape of a solid shot from their artillery which just passed over the enclosure. They also sent one in the night. They have a fine fort built for their guns. Can throw missiles in any direction and also has plenty of breast work.

A list of names of people he must have been in the service with and maybe members of his regiment. They are numbered:

1-Johnson, 2-Bentley, 3-Pfeiffer, 4-Smith, 5-Erne, 6-Gellespie, 7-Odell, 8-Kock, 9-Wallace, 10-Bendray, 11-Carruth, 12-Crow, 13-Wilson, 14-McGlaghlin, 15-Lockes, 16-Younker, 17-Irwin, 18-Cook, 19-McElvain, 20-Coyl, 21-Brown, 22-Gambull, 23-Stone, 24-Forrey, 25-Fox, 26-Hook, 27-Conlin, 28-Slime, 29-Bemis, 30-Thomas.

**(The following entries were apparently made after other entries in the diary but are listed here as they appear here in the diary)**

Sept. 13 - Today my mouth feels very sore. Have scurvy bad, not alarmed if I don't get it in my limbs or bowels.

Sunday, Nov. 6 - Today the Rebs are doing a heavy business in taking men out of here on the Oath of Allegiance. Plenty will go and serve in their Army. Plenty of food around.

**(The next few pages are obviously entries regarding the answering of letters he received.)**

Letters from Aunt Sara, Jessie, 5th. An entry regarding a package from Auntie, April 2, answered Mother, 13th, answered Julia, 10th, answered Mary, 14th, Aunt Sara, April 2nd; R.C. Smith, 23rd, Major ----, answered Nellie, answered Mother on the 1st of April, answered Aunt Sara again on the 9th of April. Mother in Popham, Maine on the 13th.

Two months up today. Division was reviewed by General Hancock on Sunday the 17th. On picket today. Wed. 20th, came off picket today. Thurs. April 21 - answered Aunt Sara. Corps reviewed by U.S. Grant. Monday, April 25 - answered Julia. Tuesday, required target practice. Friday, 29th, regiment inspected by Col. B. Mother not yet answered. Answered Nickerson. Mustered for day-April 30.

After these pages, Henry begins a day by day record of his life. The transcript follows, as best as can be deciphered. A "----" denotes that the word or words were not legible.


Apil27-May02Sunday 1 Answered Nellie, second answer sent to Julia. Visited the Maine 32nd regiment. All the boys gay.
Monday 2 Refused to do duty. Lack of arms. Things soon were made all right by a little explanation. Only a misunderstanding on my part.
May03-May08Tuesday 3 Visited 9th Massachusetts battery. Marched from camp this night. Six days rations in haversacks. Commencement of the Spring campaign-may it end with the capture of Lee's army.
Wednesday 4 Marched all last night.
Thursday 5 Continued today. Crossed the Rhapidan at Ely's Ford. Came to a halt at 4 p.m. on the old battleground of the ----Iroquois. Chancellorsville. Marched to the battlefield this night. Made a charge, got rebuffed, two wounded. All morning we were placed on the flank and rear.
Friday 6 This has been an awful day. Fighting. Used all our ammunition. All our boys tired. Came out of the fight at night. Exhausted.
Saturday 7 No fighting for us today. At 4 o'clock went on picket. Just heard a "bullynovi". Drilled all night and marching by foolishness.
Sunday 8 Returned from picket. This noon went back to our tents. Found all my infantry gone. Left in a hurry for Todd's Tavern. Walked in the woods. Some skirmishes tonight. Soon quiet.
May09-May14Monday 9 Worked on breast work all day. Not any fighting on my part. I saw Grant, Meade and Hancock, Gibbons all in a bunch looked quiet.
Tuesday 10 This morning marched to the left to support Burnside. Made a charge late at the evening. All my unit - unit all ran.
Wednesday 11 Moved on the Senki with Maine 6th corps. We got ready to charge out but it was postponed. I dreamed at night - worked all night on rifle pits.
Thursday 12 I woke early this morning to form for a charge. Made it but here I am a prisoner in the hands of the Rebs. Marched to near Spottsylvania Court House. Rained very hard.
Friday 13 In a bunch at Spottsylvania. It rained at intervals all day. Our guards say we will go to the rear tomorrow.
Saturday 14 At Spottsylvania. Rained all day.
May15-May20Sunday 15 Left Spottsylvania this afternoon for Richmond. Crossed the North Am. River. Camped for the night just at dark.
Monday 16 On the march today. Say we are bound for Gordonville. Only 14 miles from here. Very hard marching today. Quite a heavy shower. Wet to the skin. Ladies all out to look.
Tuesday 17 Here we are in Gordonville. Got here this afternoon. One-horse town-nothing. Waiting for men to move us somewhere. Expecting to leave here in the evening for Richmond.
Wednesday 18 Last night we passed through the hands of the provost. Expecting to leave here today in the cars. Part went last night. Rations issued this morning.
Thursday 19 Left this place last night for Lynchburg. A hard ride all night. Arrived in Lynchburg at noon today. Rations issued tonight.
Friday 20 Left Lynchburg this morning for Danville by rail - 161 miles. Very treacherous ride. On the train all day and night.
May21-May26Saturday 21 Arrived in Danville this morning and am now prisoner in a large brick building. Rations in abundance today. One soldier shot dead by a sentry for looking out the window.
Sunday 22 Still at Danville. Second day. We shall leave here tomorrow for Georgia. Very warm. Happy as ever. Eleven days a prisoner. Hope in eleven days more to be exchanged. Rations issued tonight. Wrote to Mother, care of L.R. Niles.
Monday 23 Left Danville this afternoon at 3 for Charlotte, N.C. - 106 miles. Cars go very slow. Stopped all night at Greensburg.
Tuesday 24 This morning changed cars for Charlotte, N.C. 90 miles from here. When we arrive there, we shall draw rations. Arrived at Charlotte this afternoon late. Rations issued. Rained all night.
Wednesday 25 Left Charlotte this morning for Columbus. Passed through Greensboro, stopped at Winnsboro, card broke down, delayed a few hours. Soon aboard again. Moved away from the town. Stopped all night on the cars.
Thursday 26 Left Winnsboro this morning for Columbus. Left Columbus for Augusta this afternoon. Heavy showers today. Rode on the outside. Found S.C. showers very wet.
May27-June01Friday 27 Rode all night in cars. Arrived in Augusta this morning and now waiting for rations. One days rations issued at a time. Expect to leave here tomorrow afternoon. Not sure.
Saturday 28 Camped in Augusta all night. This forenoon, one day's rations issued. We'll leave for Macon today. Rode all night.
Sunday 29 Very warm, good breeze. Got to Macon early this morning. Am on the rode for Andersonville. Got here about noon. Marched inside the enclosure. This is a rough looking place. Now I am in here, I question whether we will get out. Perhaps never. This is my first day in the bandingo.
Monday 30 Very hot but airy. My second day residence here. I passed the day by washing my clothes without soap. Feeling well. A lot of Yanks from Butler's army came in today.
Tuesday 31 My third day here. Very hot today. A few Yanks came in who were captured in Florida. Commanding Officer of my post says we shall all be exchanged soon.


Wednesday 1 Fourth day here. Lot of Yanks came in today from Butler's army. Head a heavy shower today. The commanding officer says we shall all be exchanged soon.
Thursday 2 Warm, very today. Fifth day. Very warm showers in the afternoon. A few got cooled by them. All sorts of stories flying about the exchange. Rumored it will come by the tenth of June. Good. Hope to be in Boston by the 4th of July.
Friday 3 Very hot, showers in the afternoon. Some 900 Yanks came in today mostly from Potomac's army. Nothing new from them. Came up showery tonight. I saw Bill Waldren of the 36th Mass, a prisoner here. Have found plenty of old chums I never dreamed of seeing here.
Saturday 4 Cloudy all day, some rain this afternoon, a dismal day. Same old routine of getting smoked. Our tent is the headquarters of the bunker Hill boys. We had lots of visitors today. Every day I find some old acquaintances. Health is excellent. May it so continue. In the work of ----.
Sunday 5 Very hot today. Been here a week, a very short one to me. Stories here today that we will commence to exchange tomorrow. Only hope that it is so. Then there will be some chance for us who have come in late.
Monday 6 Quite warm today. Passed the day doing nothing. No truth in the story of some to be exchanged today. All "bosh". Had a slight shower today in the afternoon. ---- our guards are using their powder today, no killing.
Tuesday 7 Very hot today, not a puff of air. This has been a disagreeable day to me. My bowels are out of order. Too much corn bread eaten and much rain. A lot of Yanks from Potomac's army came in. Jud Bass walked in today. Great surprise to us. We were taken by the General at Fredericksburg.
June08-June13Wednesday 8 Hot, very. Same old routine of sleeping. I am very hungry. Passed today very well indeed. All sorts of stories about the army afloat here.
Thursday 9 Hot today but a good cool puff of air. Passed the day quietly laying in my tent. All the boys well. There are a large number of Charleston boys here. Had a slight shower today. We are expecting Sayers here today. Yesterday ---- Parish came in. My, we'll have stories some day.
Friday 10 Very hot, light wind. Nothing new today. We are all feeling gay. Plenty of news about exchange going about here. Services will be held here tomorrow by Mr. Parrish. They told the boys that we should soon be paroled for there would be nothing for us to eat.
Saturday 11 Quite cool today. Showers late in the day. No more Yanks have come in since last Thursday. We have heard that Atlanta is taken by Sherman. One month a prisoner. Fat as yet, I can live on the rations.
Sunday 12 Cool and cloudy. Some Yanks from Sherman's army came in today. There being nothing reliable for news today. We received our bread or meal all C&R rice.
Monday 13 A cool rainy day. One can hardly keep warm. This is a well remembered day to me. Three years ago today I was sworn into U.S. Service in Fort Warren, Boston. Now I find myself out of service but who knows when I will get out of here.
June14-June19Tuesday 14 Cold and rainy. Hard to keep warm. All doing well. Rations were cut down last night but will get in full tonight. Tomorrow, stories are that the Rebs commence paroling us Yanks. These yarns are all bosh I guess.
Wednesday 15 Quite cool and rainy. Sun came out for a few moments this afternoon. 900 Yanks came in today from Richmond. They bring good news from the front. Friend Sayers walked in today looking as Price George as ever.
Thursday 16 Cool cloudy. Some out of sorts today. Wrote to Mother in car of L. R. Niles. Nothing new today. Hope soon to hear from home. "Well and happy". Still up and dressed.
Friday 17 Rainy and windy. Well I remember how much I have enjoyed on this date in years gone. Hope they think of me at home today. Here it has been a very disgusting day for me. Rain all day.
Saturday 18 Rain today at intervals. Sun came out today. Soon disappeared among the clouds. 200 Yanks came in today from the Potomac army. Nothing new from them. Forrey wrote Tussington today.
Sunday 19 Some rain today but very warm most of the day. Some Yanks came in today from Mississippi. Getting along finely. Are looking for a release from here soon as the armies come to a rest. Good news from Frank today. Miller paid us a visit.
June20-June25Monday 20 Cloudy, rain afternoon. Past the day the same as all the rest-eating and sleeping. The corn bread to me is worse than horse food. No Yanks came in today. ----
Tuesday 21 Very warm. Some rain in the afternoon. Good health still favors us all. We are in good spirits. Plenty of stories going about here about exchange. Some few Yanks came in today from Sherman's army. I saw Lee Bonti today.
Wednesday 22 Very hot. No rain today. Have had no roll calls for three days. So crowded here it is impossible for the squads to form. The stockade is to be enlarged the we shall commence again to have roll calls in the mornings. Boys all well. Yours is quite dirty.
Thursday 23 No rain. Hot. A batch of Yanks from Grant's army came in tonight. They bring good news. Tell us that everything is lovely for ---- Billy Waldron is not very well. Came to see us this fall and spring.
Friday 24 Very hot. A lot of Yanks from Sherman's army came in today. Have had no roll calls for a week.
Saturday 25 The weather continues very warm. The sun pours down so in the middle of the day as to make a great rash on one's skin. A few prisoners arrived today from General Sherman's army.
June26-July01Sunday 26 Very warm. Do not feel well today. Got a slight cold. Rumors about in camp about a speedy exchange. Do not put much faith in same reports but certainly hope they prove true.
Monday 27 Intensely hot. Quite unwell today. Diarrhea very bad. Feel very weak and dizzy. Eaten but little for the two past days. There is no accommodations here for sick men and but little sympathy.
Tuesday 28 Very hot. Some rain. Not feeling any better today. Went out this morning. A phigis gave me some oil ----. Did not expect anything half so good but as soon as the oil works all night, I shall be okay.
Wednesday 29 Intensely hot. Showers in the afternoon. Not much better. Bowels still very bad. Cannot find meal to eat. I cannot eat. I would give the world for all the flour today. The Raiders are being taken out. Got much too bold. Killed some men.
Thursday 30 Hot, very. Feeling a little better today. Bowels not so loose. Physic is operating. No appetite. We are to move into new stockade soon, all detachments above 60. It will be a cooler place.


Friday 1 Burning day. Today we again raised our shantys in the new stockade. Quite a good place we have if we can only find good water. We shall commence to dig one tomorrow. My health is slim. Nothing I can eat can I get here.
Saturday 2 Hot, intensely. My health is no better. Feel well all but my head. Same old complaint as last summer. Shall keep well if I stay out of the heat of the sun. All kinds of stories afloat about parole around the 7th.
Sunday 3 Intensely hot. Health no better. Head feels light and dizzy. All of us are roasting here. Will they ever exchange us is the cry. No rations today. Roll call twice this day. Don't think they have fed any of the men in here.
Monday 4 Cool part of the day. This is the Glorious July 4. Bad place to be in to spend it. Had a very heavy shower this afternoon. Changed the number of our detachment to 41. This is a very cool place here. Not so cool as the other side.
Tuesday 5 Good cool day. Past the day very well. I'm feeling well. Best I have felt for ten days. My bowels are in good order. Don't see any hopes of being exchanged. This is rough.
Wednesday 6 Cool but sun very hot. Nothing new today. Don't see the commencement of any exchange. Too much talk about it. My health is excellent. Some 200 Yanks came in.
Thursday 7 Mighty hot. No change in life here. Every day the same. All in good spirits. Find it better to move about even if it is warm. I am getting very much tanned. So are all in my tent with me.
Friday 8 Intensely hot. Nothing but roasting weather. Enough to burn one up. Came across one of my regiment today. Told me that Col. B. was killed and his body was taken home by Delaney. I could not feel sorry for I did not care.
Saturday 9 This has been the hottest day as yet, since I have been in this place-enough to burn a body alive. Some 200 Yanks came in today from Grant's army. Three thousand more to come they say.
Sunday 10 Scorching hot today but some cooler in the afternoon. A large number of Yanks came in today from Grant's army. The boys say some more of our regiment came in. I have not seen them as yet.
Monday 11 Slight showers this afternoon. A great excitement this afternoon. Six Raiders were hung. All of them are hard cases. They all met a just punishment. Our own men hung them.
Tuesday 12 Hot. Some 700 Yanks came in today. This place is getting crowded again. Stories afloat we are to be exchanged the 15th. I saw some of the 11th New Jersey today.
Wednesday 13 Very hot. Nothing new today. Spent the time by walking about the enclosure. I am low today. Saw a member of our regiment. I am feeling anxious to get out of here. Say some of us are going to Alabama.
July14-July19Thursday 14 Warm but cool winds. Some excitement here today. Detachment Sargents called out by the camp commander and told we must keep quiet. Not try to break out. If we did he should open on us with shot. At night the cannons were fired blank. Made all our number jump.
Friday 15 Another hot day. It is hard to live in here with such extreme hot weather. I can see no hope of getting out of here. Some Yanks from Sherman's army came in today. They bring good news.
Saturday 16 Extremely hot. Some puff of air. I am in good health. Spirits not the best. I am out of sorts with our Government for letting us remain here so long. Some have been prisoners for nearly a year now. They have no hopes of being released now. So bad some will have no hope to get out of here.
Sunday 17 Some hot today. A few sailors coma in to report that Charleston is burnt down. May be only a yarn. Plenty of stories going about. The rebs yesterday found out the boys were digging a tunnel- one of our own men exposed.
Monday 18 Cool day, cloudy dog day. Very cold last night. Today we have had a perfect dog day. This afternoon it rained some. A few Yanks came in today from Mobile, Alabama tell us that Montgomery is burnt by Rosencrantz who is marching through the state.
Tuesday 19 A cool day, very cool last night. Feeling well and happy. Longing foe the time to come when I shall get out of here. Our men are getting up a petition to the U. S. Government asking them if there is any chance of our getting out of here. If there is an intent to help us. Some few sargents to be paroled to carry it to our Government.
July20-July25Wednesday 20 A hot July day. Any amount of talk of our cavalry being on their way here. The rebs are building rifle pits outside. Something must be "up" with this or else they are scare crows. Only hope the Raiders are coming. We could help them.
Thursday 21 Cool, sun very hot. Any amount of stories afloat about the Raiders coming here. The officers found a tunnel in the next detachment to us and filled it up. This place is all tunnels. Getting tired of being kept here so the boys are trying to get out.
Friday 22 A good airy day. Still the prisoners come in large numbers. Came in today from Richmond. They have been on Belle Island since the latter part of June. Bring no news that I can find out. They look ---- very ----. Today the guards shot a prisoner by the gate. Time of sick call. He was to blame for disobeying.
Saturday 23 Cool and cloudy. This has been a very cool day. The nights are becoming cold. Not very comfortable without blanket. We have all ours up for a shelter. Do pray we shall get out of here before cold weather comes. Rebs are working still on their breast work. Two hundred slaves do it.
Sunday 24 A very cool day. Another disagreeable day. This nights are getting exceedingly cold. Our guards say they never new it so cold in July before. This is not what I ever experienced at home. Still more yarns about exchange. Will put no faith in them.
Monday 25 Very cool. Nothing new today. I am tired of this place. Sometimes I think our Government cares but little for us. Have heard nothing from Grant's army for most a month. All manner of stories about Sherman's. Can find out nothing sure.
July26-July31Tuesday 26 Warm but airy. Same routine of life. Can find out nothing of the outside world. Almost two months in this place. Truly I hope I shall not stay here another two months. I shall get demoralized soon and think myself belonging to no country.
Wednesday 27 A hot day. A little rain in the afternoon. A large number of prisoners came in today from Hunter's army. Captured near Harper's Ferry. They tell me the Rebs are again on a rain in Maryland. They are out before now burning and plundering is their aim.
Thursday 28 Good airy day. Feeling very well today. My bowels are not exactly right. Have not been for ten days. Nothing alarming. This place is full of stories about parole. Only hope some of them are true. A large number of prisoners came in today and tomorrow more are to come in from Sherman's army.
Friday 29 Very hot and rain afternoon. Two months today since I took up my residence here and long months they have been to us all. See no signs of getting out. I am troubled by obsessions of home and Mother almost every night. A large number of Yanks came in today from all the armies.
Saturday 30 A good cool day. Nothing new today. Same stories going about parole. My health is very good. One year ago today we was at Worcester, and rode the "17th of June" diner from Charlestown and had a good rest. Afterwards spent six weeks at Beverly.
Sunday 31 Cool and hot at times. All here are feeling confident of their release from here this month. Some of the hopes are only justice for us for this is having a bad effect on the men keeping them here so long. A poor plan for the present administration.


August01-August06Monday 1 Dog day, not very hot. Same old stories going about exchange. All seem to believe we shall get out of here this month. I have good hopes myself for the reb papers are telling they think we shall be exchanged soon.
Tuesday 2 Very hot. This has been a warmer yet a cool wind with it. This afternoon we had a very heavy shower. One of the severest I have ever experienced. The rain came in floods, did not last long. Came through the tent like going through a sieve. No change in the news. Same stories going about.
Wednesday 3 Another warmer. Little shower afternoon. Last night 500 prisoners came belonging to Sherman's cavalry. Captured near Macon. Say that Major General Stoneman was gobbled with them. They was compelled to surrender. Not very cheery news.
Thursday 4 Very hot. Some air. My health is getting poor. I have had the diarrhea for three weeks nearly. It is cold. Nothing. Think the looseness help the ague. Am in good hopes of getting out of here this month. Almost three months a prisoner. Time I was released.
Friday 5 Awful hot. Truly I have suffered today. Had a real touch of the ague. Hope it will not continue. Shall be pleased when the hot weather is past. If I grow any worse I shall try to go out to the hospital.
Saturday 6 Hot but good air. I have had a very severe turn today. The real ague of last summer. Am losing flesh fast. Am sure I will be better as soon as the hot season is past. My only hope is to grow no worse. Diarrhea the same. No change. I will not yet lose my spirits.
August07-August12Sunday 7 Very cool day. Cannot say I am well today. My ague is not so bad today as it has been the last two days. Think by tomorrow it will have left me. I still have the cold in my system. Hope I shall get out of here this month for so much is said about exchange by all.
Monday 8 Real dog day, plenty rain in the afternoon. Came to conclusion those reports of any exchange are all bosh. Would not be surprised if we stayed here till after the Fall campaign. Think our Government cares little for us who are prisoners. "Time will tell".
Tuesday 9 Very hot middle of the day, in the afternoon rain came in torrents. The severest we've had in this place. Washed down the stockade at the branch for a distance of 50 feet and our guards looked for a rush by the Yanks. All turned out in line and the guns discharged warning us.
Wednesday 10 Another dark cloudy morning but cleared up till about nighttime, then rain came down in torrents. Almost drowned out. My health is very good. Improving. Hope to keep well the balance of my stay here.
Thursday 11 Morning cloudy. My health is very good today. Our rations are getting to be in varieties. We find it hard work to get wood to cook with. Trade off half to get the wood to cook with. Good men are these Confederates. Do all they can for us. (O yes).
Friday 12 Cloudy morning, soon the sun came out, hot burning so it remained all day. Can find no news of any interest. Once more the stories are commencing about parole. I shall place no confidence in any I shall hear. My health is very good indeed. Diarrhea has mostly left me.
August13-August18Saturday 13 Blistering hot today. My health is very good. Ask for no better. All we are praying for now is wood to cook with. These Rebs don't care but a little how we eat. The food they half cook what they bring in to us and care less about the ----.
Sunday 14 Intensely hot today. My health and appetite is quite good. All kinds of stories about parole. I think positive that our officers are being exchanged now. Poor Billy Waldron is about gone. He has been sick for a long time, since about the first of July.
Monday 15 Some hot today. Everybody is expecting to get out of here this month. Prisoners are dying very fast. This hot sun and laying out at night soon takes them off. My health is good but don't feel contented. Longing for home and Mother.
Tuesday 16 Another hot day. Shall be better pleased to have the heat pass off. Our men are dying off very fast. Some worn out, but the scurvy and diarrhea is the cause. Poor Waldron has gone to a better home. Reconciled to go.
Wednesday 17 Same as yesterday for the weather. Fine. My health improving every day but also find the Rebs are giving us very small rations. I find all complaining of being hungry. It will not take us long if we do not get more for rations.
Thursday 18 Very hot today. One of our regiment was carried out yesterday by the name of Jones. Joined the regiment at Beantown as a recruit. Come in just after I did. Cause, diarrhea. Can say truly my health is "bully". Feel thankful to the great heaven that I am as yet permitted to live after enduring so much.
August19-August24Friday 19 Clear, warm day, showers toward night. Feeling well, longing for plenty to eat. These Rebs are coming short of food. They have a large number of mouths to feed in this State. Can see no signs of getting out of here. Great hopes.
Saturday 20 Cool and not hot today. Some little showers. My health is good. Getting on finely. Only not enough to eat. We have had plenty of black beans of late. Full of bugs and worms. I can eat most anything. Some cavalry came in today on a raid.
Sunday 21 Sun out, but very little today. Some rain, a nice cool day. My health is good. If it will continue so, I shall feel content. True our rations are small but hopes yet of being in the land of plenty. Some stories of Kilpatrick being out on a raid. He will accomplish something in my mind for he is smart, very smart.
Monday 22 Cool and warm at times. Find no news. All the stories have dried up. Can now only think of my belly. Don'' get enough to eat. Some of the boys do but they must have money. They can get all they wish for greenback money is good to have.
Tuesday 23 Clear but hot. Fine weather we are having of late. Expect next month will be delightful. Then is the time to be in the old Bay state. We are being deprived of many joyful days at home. As long as there is life there is hope. I have good ones. Nothing new but am looking for an exchange next month.
Wednesday 24 Very hot today. My health is excellent. I am just beginning to feel like myself. Can find nothing new to record. My hopes are good for next month. Some of the sargents and officers are going to Charleston. They had got their appointment but no commission. That is all I can fix my hopes on.
August25-August30Thursday 25 Somewhat hot today but comfortable. The nights are getting lovelier-not so hot as the first of the month and last month. But the ---- are just coming to worry. Today we are drawing our rations cooked. Expect we shall continue on them some time to come. We have had rain all the time mostly.
Friday 26 Blistering hot today. I found everybody in good health today but John G. He has a very sore mouth. Scurvy. I pray he may get home. This corn bread is using up our gums. All look soft and white. Very easy to bleed all the time.
Saturday 27 A fine cool day, a day to keep comfortable in. The hot weather is passing away. Delightful September will soon be here. For my part give me May and September for the weather here south or at home in the old Bay state. My health is good. Feeling thankful to one on High for this blessing. All I wish for now is September we are exchanged.
Sunday 28 A clear cool day. Feeling well and will say not very happy for that is not possible here for as discontented person as I am. Cannot be happy. My hopes are good for knowing how my dear good mother is getting on. Next month we shall, of course, be the last to be exchanged.
Monday 29 A good day to live in getting on. Finally some few prisoners came in today from Sherman's army. I must admit my mouth is getting very sore, all from eating bread but it may be scurvy or at least one I fear just showing itself.
Tuesday 30 Some hot today. Was up and doing nothing all day. Truly I am tired of this life. Never anything to do-a dog's life. If I had money I would try husckstering. Just do a little to keep my bones from all staying together. Health is excellent. Thankful for it to the Great Giver.
August31-September05Wednesday 31 Clear and hot but cool morning and evening. The nights are growing cool. One can sleep and not feel roasted up. This is the last day of summer. May this time next month find me out of this. I am in good health but longing for something to do to keep me busy.


Thursday 1 This is the first of autumn and lovely day. How happy I would be if I could get out of here this month. This is the month that I shall find myself 24 years old. My birthday may be spent in here. Hopes of this month.
Friday 2 Good cool day. Feeling well and as happy as this life will permit. All my hopes are for an exchange this month. In fact, all look for it before the Fall campaign commences. If nothing is done, these two months we may look out for starvation and freezing here, for the Rebs cannot feed us this winter. It will be gloomy.
Saturday 3 A good clear but some cloudy day. No news. Feeling well. All that troublesome is that I am getting sagged. My pants and drawers are nearly worn out. I don't find any pieces to patch them with.
Sunday 4 Cloudy morning but I am well. Sun came out in the mid part of the day. Wish we could get more to eat. If we have to stay here this winter we shall be starved completely. How can they feed us is my thought. It is a miserable feeling to be hungry all the day long.
Monday 5 Clear but one of September's most beautiful days. Feeling well but that hungry feeling still felt. Find something to do. Imagine today will see the boys who are used up. Sayers, Spaulding, Oakman, Steinhart and some others. Night before last, a large number escaped from the hospital. Some made it. Today some returned.
September06-September11Tuesday 6 Fine and cool. Feeling well. My health is very good indeed. Some stories here today that the Rebs will take a number of us out here tomorrow. May this story prove to be an exchange ----.
Wednesday 7 Cool and pleasant. Great excitement here today and last night. Five detachments went away from here today, Perhaps for a parole. Too many stories afloat. Some say a move to another pen. Time for us soon to find out. Sure when it comes my time to go all in high hopes.
Thursday 8 Cloudy but another day of great excitement. More prisoners leave the stockade last night and today. Ten more detachments are under orders to go. Some five thousand or more have left here. Am in good health and excellent. Order growing important for 41 to get their orders to move. These are times to be remembered.
Friday 9 Very hot today. Still they go out by detachments. More went last night and the night before. A number of my acquaintances have gone. They was in high sprits as happy as clams at high water. Health good, sprits all okay. Soon go out.
Saturday 10 Cool and plenty of good air and still more prisoners are going out. Some day soon, I shall walk out. Will take mine all in good health and spirits. Fix has the scurvy in his legs but I shall just keep by him till we get out for he is a good-hearted boy.
Sunday 11 Very hot. Still looking for my turn to go out. It will come before two days. Soon in the land of freedom and those stars and stripes that I have almost given up life for. May I live to again meet my dear mother and sisters, friends. All may yet look on Stoney.
September12-September17Monday 12 Four month a prisoner and today may leave the bullpen. All in good hopes of very soon being in our lines. Tonight we have orders to be in readiness to take the cars. All excitement and business. Brisk of getting out.
Tuesday 13 This morning we left the stockade and are now aboard the cars. Off to Macon. Rations give us in the cars. Three days corn bread and bacon. Pass through Macon without any change of cars. Bound for Augusta.
Wednesday 14 Don't feel very smart today, packed here in these cars like cattle. Rode rapid all night and this morning we got to Augusta. We are fooled this time, I guess. We are going to some other prison. Bad for us but who cares how much we suffer. Left Augusta for the city of Charleston. Changed cars at Augusta. Everything looks to me as if they, the Rebs, was thinking of maneuvering closer.
Thursday 15 And a beautiful one it is. I find myself in Charleston. This is my birthday. Find myself 24 years old. I have been away from home four birthdays now. Here we are under guard in a race course. No walls or banks. Not even a fence. Some six thousand of us Yanks here. All sorts of feelings now. Not feeling very ----.
Friday 16 Very hot today. We have no shelter for we cannot get any poles. The Rebs have so far done a great deal for us. The ladies bring us lots of good things. For us we have better rations. Little of everything. Some of our men went out to work for the Rebs.
Saturday 17 Another hot day. Feeling very well. No chance of getting home as I can see. My mouth is not quite so sore. Enough so, to make it hard for me to eat. We are expected to be moved from here soon. Hope we will not go to a worse place. Had plenty to eat today, first time for many days.
September18-September23Sunday 18 Passed the day somewhat blue. Commenced to rain about noon but we cut some poles and put up our tent. Cold and wet all night and I shall just have a small cold. Nothing for news. Feeling as well as can be expected.
Monday 19 Cloudy and a little rainy. We was all turned out today and counted. Every man was formed in outside the deadline. Something over 5000 of us here. The Confederate officer told us yesterday we should be moved out this Tuesday. Charles Fox went out to the hospital today.
Tuesday 20 Sun out and very hot part of the day. Rained in the afternoon. Our guards tell us we shall all go to a place called Florence. This is as soon as the stockade is built. Don't want to be shut up in any bullpen. Have a bad cold. Find it very cold nights. Cold weather is approaching fast and we shall all freeze.
Wednesday 21 Cool and cloudy. Passed the day in doing little of nothing. Feeling well. The Rebs tell us we shall get exchanged from here soon. They are trying hard to affect one. Charlie came back today. All the sick came in here.
Thursday 22 Very hot today. I have another touch of the ague. Feeling very bad. It will not last long I hope. At least all I can do is hope here. No chance for one to do for himself to help himself. Weather very hot indeed.
Friday 23 Some warmer today. Felt miserable today. My head troubles me. The ague ----. Do hope there are some signs of being exchanged. No truth here out of our guards.
September24-September29Saturday 24 Very hot today. We was again mustered out into the field and counted. I had a severe turn of the ague by standing out in the sun. The nights are getting very cold. Wish we could get clothes to keep us warm.
Sunday 25 A very hot day. I am feeling no better. Had the diarrhea very bad last night. Was bitter cold. I have no covering for my feet. It is time for our Government to send us clothes to keep warm.
Monday 26 Horrid cold last night. We are compelled to take down our tent every night to keep from freezing. Five of us are tented together. Bass, Forrey, Fox, Dean and myself. They are very well except the boy who has the scurvy very bad.
Tuesday 27 Cool Fall weather now. Too much so for our scanty clothes. Feeling a little better today but am very weak. No appetite. Plenty of stories going about the camp. Think there is a good chance of being a prisoner all this winter. We shall all die of cold.
Wednesday 28 Same routine of duties. Feeling a little better today. All okay, every one but me. My teeth are loose and lower front ones be a great joke of the men. Should come out. All the effects of the scurvy. Gums very sore, too. Bleed often.
Thursday 29 Clear and cool. Feeling some better today. The ague has partly left me. Can hear the big guns going last night and every day. News by the papers say Early in Virginia has been getting a whipping, a sever one. No news. A little rain last night. None today.
September20-October05Friday 30 This is the last day of September. One month ago I had great hopes of being home with Mother and my friends but I will still hope on the day. Must come some time when I shall find myself a free man. Health is good but our rations are small.


Saturday 1 Now I commence another month of prison life. A month more perhaps before I can go. It seems very hard for me to be kept like a dog. Oh, for freedom once more. How well I shall appreciate it. Feeling very well, only a very sore mouth. Hard for me to eat the little food I get.
Sunday 2 Very hot today. Find myself in very good health. The boy is still very bad. Legs very bad, cannot use them any. My mouth is still very sore from the scurvy, only had a little chance at some potatoes and vegetables this evening. It all disappeared.
Monday 3 Still at the racehorse. Feeling well. Had a good feast today. My mouth is not so sore. Fox is getting no better. We are all waiting for rations which we shall get tonight for they are due us. Say we are going away.
Tuesday 4 Left Charleston this morning in a hurry. Here we are on the road for ---- and here we are at that place called Florence. We are to stay out of the stockade tonight. This looks like a winter's job for us. It is horrid. We shall all go up.
Wednesday 5 Passed my first day in the stockade by being very busy. My health is very good. If I am doomed to stay here, I hope it will continue for soon cold weather will be upon us. Then look out for the freezing part. Only about 7000 of us here. Doing well. All bringing in a stock of wood.
October06-October11Thursday 6 Health good today. Been busy all day. Somewhat close living on the rations we get here. They are very small. Not enough for two meals-beans and meal. What we got last night was hardly a mouthful. Can it be we are doomed to stay here all winter. No chance to hardly live or be warm.
Friday 7 Time goes by very slow. This is what I call camp starvation. The rations are very small. Flory and Delaney went out today to work. They will have to take the oath of allegiance. They will not better themselves much.
Saturday 8 This has been a bitter cold day. One can hardly keep warm. I am one of hundreds who have no shoes and doing anything out in the morning is out of the question. I am thankful to have my old blanket. My old bones will freeze up yet before I can live here all winter. Good hope of life and of even getting out of here.
Sunday 9 Another cold morning. Fox came in today from Charleston. All have left there. He was one of the last. Feeling well. They gave us plenty of rations today but we have had no meal since we came in here. My feet feel the cold mornings.
Monday 10 Not so cold today. The Confederates are giving all a chance to take the oath who will. Have no intentions of doing so myself for it will not save some of us. I would not serve in the Rebel army yet perhaps starvation will cause me yet to take the oath of allegiance.
Tuesday 11 A fine day. Not very cold last night. Health is good. Plenty of the prisoners go out to take the oath. Do not hear anything from John or Forrey. This is horrible. We are all rags and I can't see what will save all from taking the oath. The old prisoners will take it.
October12-October17Wednesday 12 Clear and not so cold as yesterday. I am feeling well today. Not very cold last night. It is reported there are articles of clothing outside for us prisoners. Can hope it is so and that we will get them soon. Looks gloomy enough here for me for the winter.
Thursday 13 A good day to live in. Not very cold. Not feeling well but very hungry. Rations very small last night and today we had roll call this morning at sunrise. Have some notion of going in with somebody else. I don't care to live with Bass. He is too fond of fault-finding for me.
Friday 14 Clear good weather. We raised our tent today. Dug a hole like a fox but is will be much warmer if rains don't drown us out. My health is good. May it so continue. I have two in my hole unable to do anything and must be the one to be well.
Saturday 15 Same routine of living. I have been here two weeks and my health has been good and I feel thankful to God for the blessing. Yet not enough to eat but I except we shall all have to give our bellies and pants an extra tuck before winter is gone.
Sunday 16 A cool day. Some cold wind last night. I was very warm. I would wish every one of the nights would be the same. My health is good today. All I can say, for my mind is ill at ease. When I think of the prospects before me of living here all winter to be without clothes and perhaps food.
Monday 17 We are having good Fall weather but it is cold mornings and nights for men who are half clothed. The Rebs have told us to write home and any boxes for us will be sent here. I cannot write because I have no stamps. My health is good today.
October18-October23Tuesday 18 Cloudy and some rain today. Very cold. Our sargent had orders this morning to take the number of those who had no blankets for some have been sent from our lines to us. Only a few prisoners went out yesterday. Too the oath.
Wednesday 19 Clear good weather. Feeling well and wish I could stay happy. Long for the dearest bon liberty. The Rebs are feeding us a little better today. Gave us a very good quantity of rations. We are commencing to talk of parole and exchange. We are all hoping to get out this winter.
Thursday 20 Feeling well today. Plenty to eat yesterday and so today the wood pile will run short before long. Then I will be fixed. The Rebs are passing out blankets today sent by South Carolina. There are thousands in here who have none. I have part of mine.
Friday 21 Good weather. Been busy today getting out a stump. Find I have very little of my strength I was prided myself on. Feeling well but not content in mind. The Rebs have clothing for us they say.
Saturday 22 Today we are getting articles of clothing sent from our lines. It will be a number of days before it comes. Thousands turn to get. Been busy today getting wood. It is a horrid windy and cold day.
Sunday 23 Clear out. Cool winds, sun hot in middle of the day. Yesterday was ver cold. Don't care to have these cold winds blow, but of course I shall have to take them yet in good earnest. No clothing given out today for they don't work on the Sabbath. Oh, how ----.
October24-October29Monday 24 Clear and warm. Good feeling day. The Rebs issued wood this morning. My health is good. Feel some sure if I only had a pair of shoes. It is so cold without them. Feet are chapping. I'm afraid they will get very sore.
Tuesday 25 Warm today. Very cold last night. No good news to report. Only stories of exchange. We are getting a little more to eat now. Rations are some larger. My appetite is good for all and more than I get. Health is excellent.
Wednesday 26 Clear and warm, a splendid day. The Confederates are giving out the clothing every day. Our thousands turn will come in a few days. Hope to get something. Wish it could be shoes and socks. My feet are getting bad. All chapped. Feeling well. A little more contented than I was.
Thursday 27 Cloudy and rain in the afternoon. Our second storm since we have been here. It will be our chance tomorrow for clothes. Don't think we will all get but think I shall receive something myself for I am very poorly off. Health is good today.
Friday 28 Clear and a cold windy day. Last night it rained very hard. My hole stood it. Hardly did it get wet in the hole. We are all through with getting clothes. Few of our hundred got any. Charlie got a pair of socks. Some more to come yet the Rebs say. Health good.
Saturday 29 Clear and cool today after the rain. Nothing new or old for news. Feeling well but not very happy. Too gloomy a look ahead to feel very happy in mind. We are all looking to the 8th next month to know if we are to get out of here. Old Abe is the only hope.
October30-November04Sunday 30 A beautiful day. One of those days at home or with freedom to make one feel happy. Oh, what is life; to be kept from your liberty. I have well learned the price of freedom. I shall never get vexed at life if I know I have my liberty. Health good.
Monday 31 A splendid day like yesterday. This is the last day of a changing month. To me time is going fast. Very soon it will be December and all will be cold, cold. The rebs gave out some more clothes but I could not get any. Health good.


Tuesday 1 Very cold today. Has made me call to mind how it will feel when winter comes. We are all looking for the returns of the election next Tuesday. My health is good. Plenty of bodies inside today.
Wednesday 2 An awful rainy day and so cold. Impossible to keep warm. I find it hard to work to get my grub cooked. No fireplaces and wood is getting out of my reach. Feeling well but about froze up.
Thursday 3 This has been a still colder and rainier day. Oh, murder. Don't want this storm to continue any longer. How cold it is underfoot for one who is without shoes. Have hopes we will not have this to go through all winter.
Friday 4 Clear and cold. I have nearly froze up today. Went to the tent of Sam Bass. Kept very warm. My house is dreary. Very! Only hope we shall not have much more here.
November05-November10Saturday 5 Clear and cold. Would be very warm day but a high wind is blowing. Cold, bitter cold. The Rebs are now taking out our men on the oath. Three hundred went out today. Tomorrow more will go, I guess.
Sunday 6 Clear. The sun is hot. The Rebs are doing a brisk business on the oath. Hundreds will go out. It is a shame what our men will do but it is better than cold and hunger. Today I endure. They say perhaps I may do the same.
Monday 7 Clear and hot today. Feeling well but not very happy. No wood to cook with or not any thing to cook is the trouble. All men here today. Tomorrow will be a day of great excitement. We shall hold an election.
Tuesday 8 Cloudy with slight rain. It must rain on election day. A day of great fun here. All voted this morning at roll call. There are polls established for the purpose of voting by means of black and red beans. Black for A. Lin. and red for Mc.
Wednesday 9 A good warm day. Sun shone out very hot. Something like Fall, not like winter. My health is good and my mind is poorly. Waiting to hear who is President for the next term. Don't know as it will do me any good. Perhaps, yes.
Thursday 10 Clear and windy. Very blustering. Like Nov. Nothing new today but we are to get wood every day. Now for the future. Men have been looking on purpose to desert so we shall perhaps be better provided for in this time than before.
November11-November16Friday 11 Clear and very warm. Fine day. Feeling well today both in body and mind. Only pray my health will keep good through this cold weather. Nothing new to keep the sun off.
Saturday 12 This has been a very cold day by the hokey. I have been most froze up today and last night I came near doing the same. My health is very good but feel cross to know how I have to live or exist.
Sunday 13 Clear and very cold. I have felt miserable today. Got a very bad cold. This is a poor place for one to get a cold. Settled on body. My ears are getting bad. They feel as if they was growing up or together. Maybe I'll be as hard of hearing as my good mother.
Monday 14 Still another cold day. Don't I wish it would moderate some. Almost time for turkeys and plum pudding. They will think of Hank at home on that day called Thanksgiving.
Tuesday 15 Some warmer today and feels and looks like rain. We may have some good warm days now. Last night we had a heavy frost. So cold this morning underfoot. I am feeling some better with my cold.
Wednesday 16 One of the finest days we have had. It would be very pleasant for us all could we always have such good weather while here. The Rebs have more clothing to give out. Some little chance for us all to keep from getting naked. More of our men went out today on the oath. My health is good only I am getting very lazy.
November17-November22Thursday 17 A fine day, warm as Spring. This is the day for the vermin to die. I find myself well supplied. So it is with everyone. My health is good but I am very anxious to get out of here. Cannot see any hope.
Friday 18 This has been another fine day. More so than yesterday. I shall expect warm weather has come in again. Only pray we shall get but a little snow for my feet are very sore. No news from anyone. Some of the men who took the oath have returned.
Saturday 19 Cold and rainy. Sun behind the clouds. Feeling well and happy. No good news to mention. Can see the Rebs are worried as General Sherman is going through very fast. Hope he will get here before long.
Sunday 20 Very stormy today and very cold. Don't like this rainy weather for I have no good place to live in. My hotel is very small for three but is better than none. My health is good. May it so continue is my wish.
Monday 21 Rainy today. Feeling well but am thinking of home as all New Englanders will. Thanksgiving week. Perhaps they miss Henry at home. Four years most. I miss life there. All will be so merry when I meet them.
Tuesday 22 Very cold. This has been a zinger of a cold day. I am truly froze up. Like to have died last night with the cold.
November23-November28Wednesday 23 Very cold like yesterday. So cold today to live. Don't think Stoney will stand such as this long. It will be impossible. Too cold to write or do anything. Feeling glum and sick of vermin and cold weather but this is not a winter for me to live in.
Thursday 24 Some warmer. This is Thanksgiving at home but not here. A happy time to my loved ones at home is the wish of Henry. May they cut an extra plate for me of plum duff.
Friday 25 Clear and warm. Feeling a little better today because I am warmer. This warm weather is a God's blessing to us prisoners for the cold takes hold of our bodies much not half covered with clothes.
Saturday 26 Something like Spring weather on this blessed day. Feeling not any too well for I have a horrid cold but won't complain as nothing is gained by it. The sick have been notified that they was to be paroled Monday.
Sunday 27 Warm but a little cloudy. Great times in camp today. The sick of the 1st thousand have been picked out. Some prisoners of the pens have been brought on here today. Bring the story that there is an exchange a going on at Savannah.
Monday 28 Clear and very fine day. Sun out. Not feeling very well. Some Yanks going out today and few came in yesterday from Millon, Georgia. They say we are to be all exchanged in "time". Hope it will come soon for I am anxious.
November29-December04Tuesday 29 Cloudy in the morning but sun out at noon. Still more prisoners going out today and they say some outside to come in. Strange goings on here now. Don't give us half enough to eat. Cut our rations of a mind. Feeling well, not happy.
Wednesday 30 Clear and very warm. All hands out sunning themselves but we have bad news a going here. The parole has been stopped. All kinds of reasons given for it but we are all in hopes soon to hear it commences again.


Thursday 1 Clear and warm, fine weather. One can rest well if the vermin would only let him. I find I am covered but who can help it. My health is good but I am still hungry all the time. Don't get enough to eat. Our rations are very small.
Friday 2 Clear and warm. My health is very good but my hands are getting sore like my feet was. These hot days burn my hands. They are very sore. Those Yanks who went from here to be exchanged have part of them returned.
Saturday 3 Very warm today. Can find nothing new to record. My health is good. Having good hopes of getting out of here before many weeks. We will have to go to City-Point to be exchanged now they say or at least so the Confederate paper states.
Sunday 4 Cloudy this morning, looked like a storm but the sun came out. Truly everything is in our favor. We should be thankful to the Father in Heaven for keeping the cold from us. I am well aware how much I am His debtor. I see His ruling hand in all.
December05-December10Monday 5 Clear and very pleasant day. Feeling well but some hungry. Don't give us enough to eat, for one I don't get enough. We are to all be exchanged so the story is here. May it soon commence.
Tuesday 6 Warm and pleasant. The parole commences again tomorrow so the orders go. Six thousand to leave here so some are doomed to stay. I shall take my chances with the rest. Health is very good. Longing for the time to be home.
Wednesday 7 Some little rain this morning. Soon cleared up. Feeling so gay. I think I shall get out of here by tomorrow, if my thousands is passed through. Health is poor for my limbs and mouth are very sore.
Thursday 8 Left the bullpen today, one of the fortunate ones. I thank God it is so that I am soon will be on the way "home". Perhaps we go tonight by cars off for Charleston. It is very cold indeed. Health very good.
Friday 9 Today we leave here soon. This is a bitter cold day. We are in the cars off for Charleston. Then to be sent under the stars and stripes. Won't it be a glorious day for these thousand men. Don't care what comes now.
Saturday 10 Here we are in Charleston. Got here early this morning. All O.K. The cruise boat has us aboard. Now three cheers for the old flag. Now for clean clothes and some coffee and we have them both this night. A happy day. No cares aboard the "City of New York".
December11-December16Sunday 11 Clear but cold. Some little rain. Went aboard the "United States". A fine large boat. We are to start tomorrow morning. My spirits are as gay as a peach. Soon be in the land of plenty. Good times coming up.
Monday 12 Clear but very cold. Started this morning. Good signs for a nice trip. We are to stop at ---- Monroe, Va. says the officer of the boat. We have some shabby officers aboard here who was exchanged with us. Some crowded here.
Tuesday 13 Very pleasant. A splendid day. The boat speeds along finely. We shall make the fortress by daylight tomorrow. Some ten hours more will bring us to camp parole. Happy days these to me.
Wednesday 14 Cold. This morning we stopped for an hour at the fortress to put some officers ashore. Off again for Annapolis this night. Whiskey the chief cause of the deaths.
Thursday 15 Cold. Arrived at Annapolis last night and left the boat and spent the night at the pier barracks. Today we changed our clothes and got another set. Also a change of under clothes.
Friday 16 Cold and blustering. We are still at the park barracks and tonight we are to leave here for the parole camp-some three miles from here. I saw Gardner Tufts today and gave him names of our regiment who died in bullpens.
December17-December22Saturday 17 Dark day. Wrote to Mother this morning from here. Came here last night. This is a nice camp-something like living. There's plenty to eat and we all have warm clothes but find it hard work to keep warm.
Sunday 18 A little sun today. We was mustered yesterday for our rations money and expect my furlough for some time yet. Have a very sore mouth. Went to the surgeon this morning.
Monday 19 Rainy and a dismal day. Feeling well today. Have good hopes of my furlough this week. We are to get our checks for rations tomorrow. Saw more of my regiment today just arrived from Georgia. Longing for a word from home.
Tuesday 20 Clear and cold but when will I hear from Mother. Takes up my mind. We got our checks today for our rations for seven months. Mine was $52.25 and tomorrow we shall sign the payrolls.
Wednesday 21 I now on the ground. Fell last night and today tried to run. We have signed the payrolls-now for the money, then the furlough. I shall get home for Christmas; then for a happy time with Mother.
Thursday 22 High winds and very cold. No pay today. Some more prisoners came up to a number of my ----. Do not expect to be at home Sunday. Not time now. I am gaining flesh fast. Don't know my weight.
Friday 23 Cold and blustering. Had our furloughs made out today. No signs of any pay muster. I shall not be at home Sunday as I did expect. Hope I shall get some word from Mother tomorrow. I am very anxious. Health is good.
Saturday 24 Clear but cold. Got out two months pay today, $40.00. Also went to headquarters and received our furloughs. Bought a ticket to New York for $4.15 and one to Boston for $1.25. Shall start for home Monday morning.
Sunday 25 A lovely day. Nothing new.
Monday 26 Left camp for home. Got through to New York.
Tuesday 27 Left New York last night. In Boston this morning. Hurrah, hurrah. The remaining days of this year find me at home. All O.K.

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